Albe95 LolliROM 8.0 DEODEX (S6/S7/N4/N5)

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Albe95 LolliROM 8.0 DEODEX (S6/S7/N4/N5)

Message par Admin le Ven 25 Mar - 16:20

Albe95 LolliROM Official 8.0

Changements dans la dernière version (8.0) qui est sortie le 27/02/16 :



- Totally redone the rom on latest base HPA1
   - All latest Stagefright Fix
   - Added new "app optimization" function to Smart Manager
   - Added latest Stock Kernel
   - Added latest 6.0.1 S6 S Health
   - Added latest 6.0.1 S7 Galaxy Apps
   - Added Toolbox toggle and function
   - Enable 12 max apps to Toolbox
   - Edited default Toolbox icons with rounded one made by me
   - Added Download Booster toogle
   - Added Note 4 Side Key toggle and function
   - Added S6/S7 Torch toggle plus fixes missing toggle in edit panel
   - Added UPSM toggle
   - Themed Statusbar and Recents like S7!
   - Set as default Note 5 / S6 5.1.1 Rounded Icon Pack
   - Added exclusive Albe95 Project Hero (S7) Theme for Themechooser (thanks to binh24 for Note 5 MM theme)
   - Added latest 5.1.1 S6 Weather Widget without shadows
   - REfixed 1080p video lag, 60fps for YouTube
   - Keep S4 S Voice to prevent bug with car mode or everything else
   - Keep S4 Message app to prevent every problem with it
   - Removed 3 Dot Menu to prevent high RAM usage
   - Added latest Google Search app with Samsung icon
   - Keep S4 Launcher themed like S7
   - Added S6 Keyboard fully working
   - Added S6 Magnifier (accessible from toolbox)
   - Added S7 Like Lockscreen (centered Clock, New icon for camera, no shadow,...)
   - Added S6 fonts
   - Added S7 Calculator
   - Themed entire framework with new light blue of S7/S6 MM
   - Added S6 Galaxy Apps widget
   - Added S5 Memo App themed like S7
   - Keeped all S4 default Toogles
   - Fully Fixed Recents Menu Lag & Ram Usage!
   - Better General Smooth
   - Fixed Calling increase volume bug (at least...)
   - Unlocked by default Popping Colors, Geometric, Ink effects and Water)
   - Enable UPSM and Greyscale mode in Battery saving settings
   - Themed Like S7, Dialer App
   - Themed Like S7, Contacts App
   - Themed Like S7, Message App
   - Themed Like S7, Music Player App
   - Themed Like S7, Calendar App
   - Themed Like S7, My Files App
   - Themed Like S7, Memo App
   - Themed Like S7, Smart Manager App
   - Themed Like S6, Camera App (thanks to HITMAN-CREED)
   - Set as default Popping Color Effect
   - Set as default Battery Percentage on
   - Replace stock emoji with Whatsapp one
   - Replace S4 my files with S5 one (much better) and themed like S7
   - Enable N4/S6 Popup View by sliding from the side (work well in fullscreen app;    with        not-fullscreen app work too but all the times it drop down the statusbar)
   - Enable N4 Popup View by a short tap on Multiwindows Bar
   - Added UPSM (Ultra Power Saving Mode)!
   - Enable Emergency Mode in Power menu!
   - Enable Search function in settings
   - Enable priority senders in Message app
   - Enable Popping colors in Music Player
   - Replace S4 Video App with S5 one
   - Replace S4 wallpapers with S5 one
   - Set as Default wallpaper S6 Edge Plus one
   - Speed up bootanimation fps to 27
   - Added S7 Bootanimation
   - Deodexed
   - Deknoxed
   - Debloated from Google and Samsung crap
   - Rooted
   - Improved Performance
   - Better Stability
   - 5 Way to Reboot
   - Added Ambient Display
   - Replace Menu button with Recent like S5 (long press of menu button to open menu)
   - Improve a bit camera quality and focus
   - Enabled by default unkown source for apps

Bug connu par le développeur :

- Après avoir désactiver le mod d'ultra économie d'énergie, Le téléphone perd le compte pour les emails donc il faut y ré accéder. Il n'y a pas de fix pur ceci.

Installation :

1. Téléchargez la rom.
2. La transférer sur la carte sd de son téléphone.
3. S'assurer que son téléphone est assez chargé.
4. Redémarrer en Recovery.
5. Faire un wipe cache, dalvik cache et enfin wipe system.
6. Aller dans Install puis chercher le fichier de la rom et installer le.
7. A la fin redémarrer votre téléphone et attender environ 15 minutes à fin que votre téléphone démarre pour pouvoir le configurer.

Téléchargement :

lien Mega : [Vous devez être inscrit et connecté pour voir ce lien]

lien AndroidFileHost : [Vous devez être inscrit et connecté pour voir ce lien]

Source :

Avertissement: Je ne peux en aucun cas être tenu responsable de problèmes suite à l'installation.


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